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Sunday, 08 February 2009 12:12

Hunting's Not Shopping

Want a sure thing? Go to the meat counter and pay Frank Perdue....

A good hunt good day afield is where everyone was in it. Dogs included. Everyone worked at it. Everyone saw game and had a chance or two. Everyone shot well. But most of all every one enjoyed being there outdoors and appreciating God's glorious work.

Limits are not benchmarks of goals to achieve. Neither is it bad if you do not succeed every time.

Limits are important so that everyone can have a chance - even the game. Man's top fault in the Rooster's eyes is Greed. Note: We all try at greed, that is, and it doesn't work....

In a day's hunt you should get your chance at a limit – not four or five chances. If you miss any of the first three roosters shot at even then you got your limit. Or if the birds run and the dogs bust 'em out of range. Don't look to blame the lack of a limit. Wild birds are not the same as preserve ones.

If you do get to shoot at more than three wild birds. That happens very often. What a wonderful hunt you've had. The guide can put you into position more often than should be. He cannot, however, pull the trigger.

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Sunday, 08 February 2009 05:46

Pheasant Recipe

Pheasant Recipe

For a bird that is plucked, not skinned.

Cook white rice - use apple cider, not juice.
Add red and green bell pepper cut small, same with an onion.
Add a little cinnamon or allspice along with salt and pepper. Cinnamon is better
Salad shrimp frozen or large shrimp cut up.
Mix it all in proportion to cavity.
Stuff pheasant with it.
Cover cavity hole of bird with a small Portobello mushroom.
Leave skin on bird.
Bake at 350-375 degrees for about 45-50 minutes.

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